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December 2014
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Ever have a bad day at work or in your business? Daydream about a simpler life or running away to a tropical island?

Been there. Did it. Discovered the good and bad.

Welcome to COREpreneur, the system developed from navigating within corporate America for 17 years as an entrepreneur. I discovered it really was possible to remain the creative, focused and inspiring leader within a framework that for others was frustrating,baffling and demotivating on a regular basis.

4 key elements to being a COREpreneur:
C = being Congruent with who you are and what is most important to you
O = creating Opportunity and seeing obstacles as temporary
R = taking 100% Responsibility for your plan, goals and reactions to situations
E = bring true Energy to the table, being engaged in the process and outcome

My story began as a child growing up in a family business that included international import and retail trade. By the time I was 16 I had 2 businesses and repeat customers for my original artwork and retail airbrushing.

Fast forward a few years and I became the first in the family to go the “corporate route”, joining a fortune 500 company in sales. Over the years I found less and less satisfaction as the need to “drink the koolaide” increased. I remember very clearly one day pulling to the side of the road with the office in sight, not wanting to go that final block and walk in the door.

Visions of moving back home to a simpler life close to the beach became overwhelming. The questions of “could I be satisfied with less money” and “what about not being in a leadership role anymore” were drowned by the flight instinct. So I jumped ship on the 6 figure income (surprisingly staying with the same company) and moved back closer to my sisters.

Going from a corner office to a small cubicle had its advantages. No late night or weekend phone calls. No employee crisis every 10 minutes. But alas, at my core I am happiest out in front. I had traded down, but not been true to myself. So I stepped forward and reclaimed my entrepreneurial spirit…and boy, was that the beginning of an amazing journey!

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