Second Time Around | The story of hearing "CANCER" again

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From one of our subscribers:

Debbie Elder

CEO, Set Them Up For Success​

I LOVED the magazine and I especially resonated with the authenticity of Marjorie and her contributing editors. I was moved by the personal experiences that Marjorie shared about her journey with breast cancer and I learned so much about finance from John Curry in his article ‘Avoid These 7 Mistakes At Any Age’. Understanding ‘Limiting Beliefs’ is important for so many people and Marjorie’s article allowed me to truly understand the work in front of me to ensure I get a true handle on mine! Licia Berry’s discussion of Duel Energies really encouraged me to better understand my masculine and feminine boundaries and use this information to better understand myself. Steve Gordon’s article on referrals allowed me to learn some really great new strategies to transform all three of my current businesses!

Thank you so much MsXMedia for this incredible inspirational and content rich magazine!